How My Neighbor’s Dog Ate Their Tent

Tents are supposed to be sturdy, aren’t they?

You take a tent for camping because it’s supposed to keep you dry when it rains, warm when it’s cold, and safe from the elements in the dark night. It can’t do these things when there is a big ripped hole in one side. My friend Amy told me this story. She and her husband Rob were just trying the tent out in the back yard the first night after they got it. This was part of their organized preparation for the following weekend’s first spring camping trip.

The kids were so excited. Maybe that’s what set off their rather large pup to bouncing and bounding … right into the side of the tent. Ouch! I don’t mean ouch for the dog: the dog was fine. He’s a Dalmatian named Reggie, but we’ll call him Ripper for the rest of this story. Ouch for the tent!


Reggie/Ripper was not fully-grown. He had long gangly limbs, big clumsy feet, and sharp juvenile nails. All of these doggie body parts landed in a tangle half under the tent that had just been erected. He hadn’t expected the tent to be there. It wasn’t in the yard when he’d last been out. He didn’t intend to crash land right into it. Imagine the yelping and teeth gnashing as he disentangled himself. And the kids crying as they ran toward him, until they saw their dog was okay.

But the tent was not okay after that. Maybe even the best of tents wouldn’t have withstood Reggie/Ripper’s unintended assault. But maybe it would have. The story made me think about what should go into the makeup of the best tent. Certainly material would be high on my list. I’d want the sturdiest, rip-resistant fabric. Something reflective, so it can be seen easily in the dark. Poles would be next. They should stay in the ground! They should be resilient and bendable, in case dogs or kids or heavy playthings land on them.

The whole tent kit should have replaceable parts. That’s obvious. I don’t know if Amy and Roger have looked into a new tent setup yet. I’ll ask. Shopper that I am, I’ll have to help them.

You might want to watch this guide on choosing a tent:

Do You Use An Elliptical?

An elliptical machine is a workout machine that is geared towards providing low impact workouts which makes it a great option for people who want to workout without necessarily straining their bodies to the extreme. There are elliptical machines for commercial use and there are those that are made specifically for home use.

If you intend to get one for your home gym, it is important that you research on the best unit. One way to get ample information on some of the best models and brands is to check the best elliptical reviews 2015.


Reviews are created by companies or by people who have already used a certain product or services. For this reason, they are the best shot you have when it comes to finding the best home elliptical machine. The reviews breakdown the units part by part and focus on the benefits of the machine and also the disadvantages of certain brands. By looking at the reviews, you will be in a better position to select a machine that will assist you meet your goals.

Using the best home elliptical reviews you can shop better. One of the most important things is to check the weight that the machine can handle. This is because different machines will handle different weights with the home machines having the ability to handle a weight of about 300 pounds.

You also need to check the materials that are used in the construction of the machine. The framework needs to be made of strong materials that are sturdy and durable. The unit should also be flexible and easy to assemble and disassemble. The only way you can know about these qualities is through the use of reviews which are opinions of people who have had a chance to workout using the machines.

Starting a Fitness Routine!


Hey, you guys! It’s been a while. So, I’ve decided to start exercising and eating better for my health. Now, I’m not a very outdoorsy or sporty type of person, but I do know that exercise is very important for keeping fit. I like taking walks and long walks with my dog, but I think it’s not enough, so I’ve decided to start a fitness routine.

I researched online and decided that I want my routine to include mind and body fitness so I’ve decided on yoga. I delved deeper into my research and found that yoga is the type of exercise that fits me and my lifestyle.

Being a total newbie in yoga, I asked my friends who do yoga to tag me along during their next yoga session. And so the next weekend, we went to this place they frequent to and drop me off to the beginner class because I want to go slow and frankly, I’m a little bit scared for some reason.

Let me tell you right now that yoga requires concentration and balance even though it doesn’t look as intense as a gym workout! I seriously fell a few times and became jealous of the people around because I want to look graceful and poised like them!

After the session, I feel so, so, sore. I have muscle pains in places I did not know existed! I feel super charged, awake and unused to the feeling of having my body so stretched. I also need to familiarize myself with yoga terms. I guess I’ll understand the words eventually once I get used to the basic poses.

I’m starting to like yoga and I think I’ll invest in yoga clothes and buy myself my own mat. Do you guys know of the best yoga mat brands out there? Feel free to share it to me through the comments below, I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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