Starting a Fitness Routine!


Hey, you guys! It’s been a while. So, I’ve decided to start exercising and eating better for my health. Now, I’m not a very outdoorsy or sporty type of person, but I do know that exercise is very important for keeping fit. I like taking walks and long walks with my dog, but I think it’s not enough, so I’ve decided to start a fitness routine.

I researched online and decided that I want my routine to include mind and body fitness so I’ve decided on yoga. I delved deeper into my research and found that yoga is the type of exercise that fits me and my lifestyle.

Being a total newbie in yoga, I asked my friends who do yoga to tag me along during their next yoga session. And so the next weekend, we went to this place they frequent to and drop me off to the beginner class because I want to go slow and frankly, I’m a little bit scared for some reason.

Let me tell you right now that yoga requires concentration and balance even though it doesn’t look as intense as a gym workout! I seriously fell a few times and became jealous of the people around because I want to look graceful and poised like them!

After the session, I feel so, so, sore. I have muscle pains in places I did not know existed! I feel super charged, awake and unused to the feeling of having my body so stretched. I also need to familiarize myself with yoga terms. I guess I’ll understand the words eventually once I get used to the basic poses.

I’m starting to like yoga and I think I’ll invest in yoga clothes and buy myself my own mat. Do you guys know of the best yoga mat brands out there? Feel free to share it to me through the comments below, I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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